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Much Has Been Said...

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Light Peace Love
Light Peace Love
Released: 2005
Record Label: EMI Phils. INc.
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Bamboo Much Has Been Said... Lyrics    [  Edit Lyrics  ]
Much has been said
Said you never leave
Why'd it have to be
Harder than it had to be
Don't you throw blame
You were part of this
Wasn't suppose to end
With us just walking away
So many times we tried
Holding on to the pain
But in my baby's eyes I see my shame
Asking why you had to leave
Wasn't I strong enough to make you see
That the biggest part of this it's not about you or me
But just be wrong if we held on

*So Maybe tomorrow we'll find
A taste for the old days hard lessons
We've left behind
This mirrors an open door
I can barely stand to see myself
I don't know what to do anymore
I'm crying out for help
Ohh ohh ohh Lord, ohh ohh ohh Lord

Much has been said
Will I never learn
Keeping my fingers crossed
Praying for my luck to turn
But I can't complain
I'm living it easy
Job's keeping me busy
I'm going Crazy
Can't describe the way it felt
When you left said your goodbyes
It just seems crazy for me to think
That I'll find love a second time
But we all know how it all wraps up in the end

(Repeat *)

Ohh ohh ohh Lord..
mmm mmm mmm mmmm...
What am I leaving behind
Sweet, how we see the big picture when you're life's not on the line
I know the way but do you see what I see
A tortured life always second guessing the bookie
Pot money on the table thought that was all I had to do
Never came home
Never said a word to you
No one ever said it was going to be easy, easy

Start over again this time
This time let's do it right
Start over again this time
This time lets keep the fires burnin', burning yea!
(repeat twice)

You said
I only hear what i want to know no no no..
You said
Our talk's over time, our talk's overtime ahh ahh ahh......................................dido

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